Warrior TRIBE Tribute

Every quarter we acknowledge someone in our community who has gone above and beyond in Paying It Forward in both their attitude and deeds. We call it the TRIBE Tribute and they are gifted WARRIOR status.

An individual (or group) is nominated by members of our community based on the following:

  • Volunteerism & inspires others to serve
  • Actively promotes ways to improve our community
  • Participation within our community through charitable activities
  • Demonstrates qualities of compassion
  • Resides or has family living in the Linden school district
  • Improved or enhanced the life’s of our residents

Our 2020, 1st quarter recipients are Becca Ferris and Jennifer LaDrew. Thank you both for all do for our community!

Becca is Chief Allen’s assistant at Argentine Police Department. Always one of the first to volunteer and there is no job deemed too big or small through her eyes. From organizing a parade for the arrival of the Christmas Gnomes to Amelia’s Prom Escort, she gets it done seamlessly. Becca is also working with our Pay It Forward committee members to secure our 501(c)3 status in 2020.

Jennifer LaDrew is co-owner of Linden Child Development Center. She spear-headed the decoration and organization of the Amelia Prom Event and nailed it! She also serves as a Pay It Forward Committee member and makes herself available to assist with whatever project we have on the drawing board. Jennifer has a passion for our service men and women as her daughter serves in the Air Force.

Our 2019, 4th quarter recipient is Carrie mckissic. Thank you for all do for our community!

Carrie is the epitome of the Energizer Bunny. If she isn’t volunteering to help at Linden school events, you will find her serving as a hospitality greeter at The Rock Church. She also the best dog walker in the community!

She is a first responder whenever a Pay It Forward need is broadcasted to the TRIBE and no one is a stranger to her. If you are, you won’t be for long.

Our 2019, 3rd quarter recipient is lynn boyd. Thank you for all do for our community!

In true form, I found her volunteering at the Linden concession stand for the junior varsity football game and clueless she was about to receive the award.“Oh, look there’s Denise, so good to see you!” was her comment as I walked into the concession area. I think she thought I was there to volunteer.Nicki Wildeman was working the concession as well and said, “Mom, Denise is here to gift you with something.”

Even as Lynn was awarded the framed certificate, she was unaware that she was being acknowledged for her servant heart.It was Lynn’s grandson, Gavin Wildeman and his friend Cooper that gave me the inspiration to begin the Linden Pay It Forward Project. The kindness they showed to an elderly couple at our local McDonald’s touched my heart and birthed our program.

Congrats to Lynn for all that you do. It is because of individuals like you that our TRIBE is able to reach out to our community when there is a need. You not only support us monetarily, but also with your service time at community events including the Pay It Forward float in the Holiday Happening parade. Thank you!

Our 2019, 2nd quarter recipient is Paul & Sue Dobos. Thank you for all do for our community!

If you have never visited PJs blowups at Christmas, you are missing out. Sue & Paul’s display is bigger than life and that is no play on words.

They continually give to our community both monetarily and with their time. If there is a need, they are standing in line waiting to dig in and do whatever is needed. Thank you both for your servant hearts.

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