God’s Love Foundation

The Green Family, founders of God’s Love Foundation.

Gods Love Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of people in the community by showing them how to find hope in God’s love. God’s love is expressed every day through the acts of those around us, or in nature; the sunrise, sunsets, our children or even by a random stranger, yet we are too busy in our daily lives to recognize it. GLF is designed to encourage people to be a witness to that love and illustrate it themselves through their actions.

In 2016, Keith was diagnosed with a stage 4 mediastinal tumor which was inoperable and incurable. In that moment, they began to recognize life’s simple pleasures and the acts of others as God’s love. Recognizing moments that God was illustrating His love provided hope in times others would consider dark and desperate.

God’s Love Foundation has a desire to share life experiences with the community in an effort to encourage others to see life from a renewed faith based perspective. Public speaking programs are available for community events, churches, schools, corporations and other organizations who wish to encourage their groups to have a more intentional perspective of their lives and the impact they can have on the lives of those around them.

Give hope… be a beacon of God’s love

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