Recent Acts of Kindness

October – November, 2019
This is only a smattering of the many things we have done in the community in the last two months.

We partnered with Veterans of Michigan Organization to have a wheelchair ramp installed for a local vet who broke his back in a fall. Tri-County Times reported on this community act of kindness.

Our Linden Cub Scouts helped pack packages for Desert Angel, Inc.

Mattresses and bed frames gifted to a family who had to just relocate due to a home after a house fire. Dad has MS and in a wheelchair.

An artificial tree was donated to a dad who is hosting his young daughter for the holiday season.

Furniture and household items collected and donated to a local paraplegic who was finally able to move into his own home.

Received a box full of new pajamas from Linden Dance Academy to contribute to those in need in our community this Christmas season.

We received a large amount of donated clothes that were sorted by Pay It Forward volunteers to gift to various organizations in need this holiday season.

Donated a Christmas Gnome (who has since become known as Roman Roundtown) to auction at Linden’s Fire & Ice Event. Monies from this auction are used to support Linden’s Holiday Happening.

On Veteran’s Day homemade soup and bread (plus yummy ice cream bars) were gifted to the Vets that serve in our Argentine Police Department to thank them for their service.

Linden Pay It Forward Project donated funds, gift cards and physical items to help one of our own who had a house fire on Broad Street.

Volunteers cut out over 200 foam hearts for the Pay It Forward Holiday float. So many gifted time, effort, supplies and monies to make our float a reality.

A $100 Alpine Marketplace gift card was given to a family in need of groceries.

Two generous bags of gently-used girls’ clothing was gifted to a single mom who was in desperate need.

Meals and house cleaning services were gifted to several TRIBE families going through serious health issues.

$550 in gift cards donated to one of our own going through cancer and unable to work.

June – September, 2019

My Magic Mop cleaning services donated to the Girard and Hunter families through the end of the year. Both families are dealing with Stage 4 cancer treatment and financial hardships due to loss of income.

$540 raised for a TRIBE member’s delinquent rent.

$93 Alpine Marketplace Gift Card donated for a family in need.

$25 gas gift card donated by a TRIBE member to help a family with costs of driving to doctor/hospital appointments.

$100 plus gifted for the purchase of flip flops and underwear for Operation Christmas through The Rock Church.

New and gently used clothing donated to a number of members in need due to health issues or income loss.

Free haircuts, style and hot towel neck shave to those affected by the UAW strike.

$$$ donated to help install wheelchair ramps for two TRIBE members with the help of The Veteran’s of Michigan and God’s Love Foundation, Inc.

Outpouring of home-made meals to families in need.

$100 cash donations to the Pay It Forward General Fund for TRIBE member needs.

4-wheel walker loaned to a member that only has a wheelchair for mobility.

$45 donations for Dominoes Pizza to Family in Flint that reached out to us. They needed immediate meal for the day.

Three TRIBE members signed up for monthly donations to our General Fund.

Garage clean-up for Girard Family. The Linden Varsity Football team volunteered to help along with a group of youth from God’s Love Foundation, Inc. Channel 25 News did a feature newscast about our community.

Clothing and toy donation for 4T child in need. Also donations to help the mom purchase clothing for a new job to support the family.

A TRIBE member pre-paid a massage for Denise Marks, the Admin of the Pay It Forward group. I was shocked and grateful. How kind to think of me.

May 24, 2019

Gifted these to some of our local vets who were working the Poppy campaign at Ace Hardware and Alpine Marketplace today. Linden Hotel matched the funds donated by TRIBE members and we were able to double our gifting!!! Thank you to everyone who gave to this event.

May 23, 2019
May 18, 2019

Just TODAY, we have TRIBE members doing this

• 10 loads of laundry were washed and folded to help a family
• Gifting 4 Rib dinner meals from Alpine
• Two dressers were donated to a family in dire need
• A TRIBE member picked up a lawn mower to see if they could fix for a mom who needs help
• (2) other tribe members are making meals for families who need help due to illness, care giving issues, loss of a family member or financial situations
• House cleaning services were donated
• $80 was donated to purchase Poppy Plants to gift to our Vets at the Memorial Day parade
• A mini microwave and small fridge was donated to a family giving care to a paraplegic family member (gifted by God’s Love Foundation, Inc.)
• $200 was gifted to a family to help pay for a child’s summer clothes
• (2) pork loins, a turkey and (2) rings of sausage were donated to our TRIBE freezer to help feed families in the future
• God’s Love Foundation, Inc. is working to get a handicap ramp installed for one of our disabled members and door widened

May 14, 2019

Pay it Forward gifted the Argentine police department with a breakfast quiche and fresh fruit to celebrate National Police Week.

April 22, 2019
April 11, 2019
March 29, 2019 by Tribe Member Heather Green
Leaving the cancer center at U of M yesterday I went to pay our parking fee and someone ahead of me had paid it forward and covered my fee!💕

March 21, 2019 by Tribe Member Denise Marks
It’s those little things in life that help us realize our world is still filled with unreported kindness. I took my grandson to dinner last night at Fenton House and the manager gifted this slice of cheesecake for my buddy and I to share. Don’t know the manager’s name, but thank you. Cheesecake is my grandson’s most favorite dessert.

March 19, 2019 by Tribe Member Kelli Post
My daughter and I were at McDonald’s yesterday when a nice gentleman paid for our order. He said he and his friend helped with the program that donates the bikes during the March is Reading Month school drawings. So we decided to Pay It Forward in a book related way 🙂 We love our community. 🙂
February 19, 2019 by Cathy Gairhan
So proud of my grandsons for requesting birthday gifts be either monetary donations or food for animals in shelters. They took the money and shopped for the food, and delivered it themselves!
February 16, 2019 by Argentine Police Dept
While on patrol tonight Officer Lampkowski and Officer Conner stopped and helped a distraught motorist whose vehicle fell victim to our illustrious Michigan roads. We’re always willing to lend a hand!
February 9, 2019 by Linden Police Dept
The Linden Police Department had some visitors today for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and they brought our officers a generous gift and note. Thank You for the donation and thank you to our Police Department!
February 4, 2019 by Anndreya Jaworski  

Linden community continues to be kind. I lost my debit card at a gas station near Linden yesterday and it was returned within an hour. I know who you are (MD) but will remain anonymous…just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There are still good people in this world and it so comforting to know…they are my neighbors.

February 22, 2019 by Denise Marks  
I received this handmade tote in the mail today along with a card that read,

Dear Denise,
Thank you so much for your contribution to Eric’s UCA Scholarship Fund. I try to make bags for everyone who supports the Memorial Fund. I hope you like the wild colors and find the bag useful!
With much appreciation,

The reason I post on the Linden’s Pay It Forward site is because I made this donation to her son’s memorial over 4 years ago. She has been tirelessly Paying It Forward to donors as her personal time permits. What a tribute to not only the loss of her son, but her Pay It Forward spirit.

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