The background noise in my head was screaming that our Linden community should become the corner stone of a Pay It Forward network across the US. It’s a radical idea, but communities, cities and our nation are in need of radical thinkers.

It all started when someone in our community shared the story of two Linden (teen) boys who offered to pay the difference of an elderly couples lunch bill because they were short of monies. These two boys saw a need and kindly paid it forward.

Nicki Wildeman son’s was one of the teen boys who paid it forward to the elderly couple and sparked this initiative. She is vice-president of Linden Pay It Forward.

It’s not a new concept, but it’s most often practiced during the holiday season or when a crisis situation occurs. I say, why not practice kindness and a caring, giving attitude every day? If there is a need, respond. Speak words that uplift, unify and heal. Donate time to a greater purpose and cause. The list is endless.

These things can be done individually, but it takes a TRIBE to make a difference in the heart, attitude and mind of an entire community. I invite you to join me in growing a Pay It Forward heart within the Linden community and the hearts of our students.

Warm Regards,
Denise Marks
President, Linden Pay It Forward