Christmas/Fall Projects 2020

We have a number of holiday Linden Pay It Forward projects going on for 2020.

Ring of Ghosts Campfire Display

Ring of Angels Memorial Angel Christmas Tree on Broad Street

Arrival of Christmas Gnomes

Arrival of Reindeer Friends

Roman Roundtown visits Linden in October.

Roman Roundtown made a brief visit to town early-October because cousin Billy Hill was in town to do a little fishing at the Linden Mill pond. Billy heard Linden Pay It Forward had sponsored a park bench and it was perfectly situated for fishing.

Cousin Billy Hill Relaxing at the Mill Pond

Ring of Ghosts Halloween Display

What an awesome night making these ghosts for the Linden Pay It Forward downtown Halloween display. Thanks to Matt & Jamie Mlinarich of Broad Street Rentals for allowing the ghosts to set up camp in their neighboring lot.

The incoming comments for TRIBE members has been nothing but positive. In the center of the ghosts is a campfire that lights ups with orange lights at dark. Just the right amount of fright for our little kiddos walking the streets.

I just saw this driving through town. It looks great!!
Jessica Anderson

Thanks you Becca Ferris, Marlene Craig, Gwynne James, Sue Dobos, Charlie Maddox, Jason Liedel for all your help in making this project happen.

Ring of Angels Memorial Christmas Tree 2020

This is new for us in 2020. The Ring of Ghosts used for our fall display will be converted into Angels that surrounds a Memorial Christmas Tree to recognize friend and family members we have lost in our community.

The Memorial Tree will be set up on Broad Street in downtown Linden and be lit every night through Christmas in memory of our loved ones no longer with us.

The proceeds from this project benefits the General Fund of Linden Pay It Forward to help others as pertinent needs are identified. We would like to thank Broad Street Rentals for sponsoring this event and allowing us to use their property to display our Memorial Tree this season.

Invasion of the Christmas Gnomes

In 2019 Linden Pay It Forward dreamed about having a holiday Christmas mascot for our community. We decided on gnomes. They invade our town on Thanksgiving weekend and hangout in various locations until the New Year.

Businesses and individuals sponsor the gnomes and the funds received help those with needs within our TRIBE. Last year 30 gnomes came to town. This year, we are expecting to 50.

Father Gnome is unable to be here for Christmas 2020 and is sending reindeer friends to accompany the Gnomes on their Christmas visit to Linden.

Reindeer Friends

Twelve reindeer will be in hanging out in various places in town beginning the weekend of November 28, 2020. The whole Gnome clan along with the reindeer will be escorted into town by the Argentine Police department.

The reindeer are approximately 30″ tall (excluding their pine antlers). Since there are only 12 available to purchase, we suggest businesses prepay to ensure they have one to display in front of your business. Cost is $35 per reindeer.

Listed below is a list of reindeer available to adopt. Adopt as a business, individual or family. Your name(s) will be on the name tag. The only thing we ask is that you display your reindeer in a location in our downtown area for all to enjoy. Example, you can adopt a reindeer to display in front of a local church or business.