General Fund and Emergent Fund monies are used to help TRIBE members in need year round. When contributing to these fund, indicate the reason for your donation to ensure monies are earmarked for that particular purpose.

There are also various Money Pools set up for specific projects we sponsor throughout the year. For example, our Christmas Gnomes, Memorial Angel Tree, Event Sponsorship, etc., are generally set up as temporary money pools. Once the need has been met or the project is completed, we close out the money pool.

 *All monies received go exactly where they should, to Linden Pay It Forward Community Projects and needs. Donations are deposited directly into the Linden Pay It Forward ELGA Credit Union account.

About our Giving Platform

*Disclaimer: Per IRS we cannot earmark monetary gifts for the benefit of a specific individual or family. This is not a deductible because individuals cannot claim a charitable contribution deduction if the fundraiser is for the benefit of a specific family, the donor is considered to have made the gift directly to the family because it is earmarked for the family. We do allow a limited, occasional donations to needy families at our discretion.

Monies received by donation or grants are used for betterment of community, specific projects or events and incoming needs based on our mission and goals.