Spring/Summer Projects 2020

Haddie’s Day Out

Meet Haddie. Her only birthday wish was to be a princess for a day and ride a horse. Well, the Pay It Forward Linden tribe made that dream come true. Haddie suffers from mastocytosis a rare disorder characterized by abnormal accumulations of mast cells in the skin, bone marrow, and internal organs (liver, spleen, gastrointestinal tract and lymph nodes).
(August 2020)

Amelia’s Prom

Meet 15 year-old Amelia Tuller, as a young child she was diagnosed with KIF1A Associated Neurological Disorder (KAND). It is rare with a progressive course that affects both the brain and body. Amelia is an amazing young lady with a heart full of love. Linden Pay it Forward with the help of loving family and friends put on this special prom for Amelia and crowned her queen. It was one of her dreams…to hang with kids her age and go to a prom.
(July 2020)

Claudette Holbrook was a bright spot in an otherwise cloudy day. She touched the lives of so many. And after months of battling cancer, she was ushered into the arms of the Lord. During this time, her faith brought her strength and peace. She was appreciative of The Rock Church for strengthening and growing her faith and her walk with the Lord.

She was a joy and a jokester. She had energy for days. She threw herself 100% into everything she did. She possessed a magical combination of enthusiasm, sweetness, and sass. This magic worked on children and adults alike. She was magnetic-her spirit of whimsy and fun drew people to her. Everyone who knew her can attest to this fact. She made children feel special, feel treasured, feel loved-you could see their faces alight with joy. Her network was wide, her fans, many. We all looked forward to her smile, her jokes, her hugs, and even those embarrassing butt pinches! This was true of family, of friends, and of coworkers. This was her magic-so special, so unique to her.

Linden Pay it Forward sponsored a memorial service for the family in July. Due to COVID the family was unable to have a service in April.
(April 2020)

National Night Out for Police Officers

Due to COVID, we were not able to hold the annual NNO event. Instead our local TRIBE members packed up bags of goodies to deliver to the Linden, Fenton and Argentine police departments.

Linden Pay it Forward donated (21) 410 gift certificates and also held a private event to pack up (50) humorous gift bags to help our officers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a night filled with plenty of laughter and the opportunity to get better acquainted with members of our TRIBE.
(August 2020)