Roman and Wanda Roundtown’s Story

The Johnson Family

Arrested with jail time!

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Caught and Captured! Drinking.

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Next time you better have ice tea or else Elusive Elvis gets it!!! Got it Becky!?!

Roman waiting to meet Wanda at Shirley’s Cafe.

November 2019

Linden residents Chad and Stephanie Johnson attended a local fundraiser where they met Gnome Roman Roundtown. When they discovered that Roman needed an adoptive home for the holiday season, they wanted him to stay with them. That night, Roman became the adopted son of Chad and Stephanie. And that’s where the story begins…

It didn’t take Roman long to discover the many fun Christmas events that happen in Linden. He sent a quick text to his gnome family and friends.

” Come and hang out in Linden for the season. It’s a happening town”, he shared. “Everyone is friendly and the businesses will welcome you.”

And just like that… the City was invaded by gnomes. Roman even arranged for the gnomes to have a police escort into downtown Linden.

Roman Roundtown is ashamed for breaking the law.

Forward to December 2020

Roman’s 2019 Christmas visit was without incident but in 2020 there were a couple of mishaps. One incident landed Roman an overnight in jail at the Argentine Police Department.

Officer Pointdexter PoPo had a serious talk with Roman about his disorderly conduct at the Symphony Assisted Living trolley car. In shame, Roman covered his face and apologized but was still sentenced to community service work at Shirley’s Cafe.

Gnome Elusive Elvis worked in the kitchen at Shirley’s Cafe and might be a good influence for Roman. Within days, Roman became angry when the Cafe ran out of ice tea. His threatening comment was unacceptable and unkind.

Officer PoPo and the Johnson family had another stern talk with Roman explaining the consequences of his behavior including future jail time if he continued on this path. Roman vowed to do better and apologized to Elusive Elvis and Becky.

It wasn’t until Elusive Elvis introduced Roman to his cousin Wanda Wanderbout that Roman’s behavior took a complete turnabout.

Wanda was visiting for the holiday season and stopped in for lunch at Shirley’s Cafe. Roman was immediately smitten and it was evident there was a whole lot of ‘hunka-hunka burnin love’ going on with him.

From that day on, Wanda and Roman were inseparable. The night Roman showcased his ‘Jail House Rock’ dance moves at the Old Hick, was when Wanda knew she was in love.

Christmas Eve 2020 Roman proposed to Wanda under the gazebo at Linden Mill Pond. They shared the exciting news with the Johnson family and a wedding date was set for December 3, 2021 with plans to honeymoon on a tropical sandy beach.

Christmas 2021…can’t wait to share the WEDDING ceremony with the community.