Where’s Rudy?

This holiday season, the community of Linden has been on a MISSION to FIND RUDY. Marlene Craig and Edgel Turnquist wanted to do a 12-Days of Christmas using Rudy as the theme to promote a “Shop Local” awareness. Both are active members of Linden Pay it Forward and when they presented the idea to our Board of Directors we said, “Run with it!”

That is exactly what they did. A story-line was created and businesses were contacted to participate. The local newspaper engaged with our project and Rudy came to life. Everyday Rudy is at a different business location each day. A gift certificate and cookies are rewarded to the person who spots Rudy. Marlene and Edgel will match the value of each gift certificate and donate to Linden Pay it Forward.

Christmas Eve is almost here and we must get Rudy back to the North Pole in time to help Santa save Christmas. We can do this with the help of Chief Allen of the Argentine Police Department and the community.

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