Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst within the community that encourages TRIBE members to unite, strengthen, and support the well-being of each other and our city. To inspire and make a positive difference through acts of compassion and giving to TRIBE members in need.

Our goal is to nurture generosity and kindness that promote social acceptance and community building skills. We desire every community member to realize their full potential in giving back in whatever way they can; whether monetarily, volunteerism or acts of kindness.

Our desire is to match needs within the Linden Community to our mission statement and goals. From volunteering time, donating supplies, meals, groceries or monies… however you choose to contribute to our mission you will be helping those in need due to various life circumstances.

  • Monies collected/donated to the Pay It Forward General Fund are used to help those within the community of Linden, Michigan. We occasionally work with the non-profit organization, God’s Love Foundation, Inc. on selective joint projects.
  • We are a group of community volunteers that serve our local TRIBE members (without profit) when they fall on hard times or difficult situations.
  • We are not a charitable social service agency and reserve the right to selectively determine through our Board of Directors and joint community effort what is deemed an appropriate need based on our Pay It Forward mission and goals.
  • There are no salaries paid to facilitators or servants of this project.
  • We reserve the right to VET requests received for help (to verify needs based on doing fact-checking prior to making any decision) before reaching out to community and TRIBE members to give of their time, monies and efforts.
  • We can’t save the world and there will be times when we say ‘no’ to an incoming need but will do our best to offer referrals to agencies that might be able to assist.
  • Finally…Pay It Forward Linden Project serves needs not wants.

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